Histology Lab

graduate student

The Histology unit specializes in techniques that permit the visualization of tissue components at the resolution of the light microscope. Emphasis is placed on neuroanatomical and immunocytochemical methods. Microtomes are available to cut frozen, paraffin, vibratome, and plastic sections. Collaborative efforts, instruction, and technical support are included in the functions of the facility. Prospective students who wish further information or are unsure where to direct their application should contact:

Poh Kheng Loi, Ph.D.
Histology Lab, HGeM
1254 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
(541) 346-4923

Services Provided:


Paraffin sectioning

Plastic sectioning

Routine histologyical staining


Equipment Available for Use by Researchers:

Microtome for paraffin sectioning

Cryo-stat for frozen sectioning

Microtome for plastic sectioning




$46.50 per hour for Oregon Universities

$70.5 per hour for Non-Oregon Universities

$141 per hour for Commercial and Industry