Pronuclear Injection

Pronuclear Injection

Service Price Oregon 
Standard plasmid injection in B6D2F1
Standard plasmid injection in C57Bl/6J
Plasmid DNA digestion and purification


Service Request

  1. Fill out a service request form and send to
  2. Please send a copy of your IACUC approved protocol and your IBC (Institutional Biosafety Committee) registration information.
  3. Submit a map of the construct, the method of extraction and a picture of the purified fragment.
  4. Provide four 25 μl aliquots at 0.5 ng/μl and 1 ng/μl concentration. Please label the tubes clearly and legibly.


Service Description

  1. Purchase egg donors and recipient females (week 1)
  2. Mate superovulated donors with stud males (week 2)
  3. Mate pseudopregnant foster mothers mated with vasectomized males
  4. Harvest eggs for injection
  5. Inject constructs into pronucleus of zygotes
  6. Transfer successfully injected eggs (week 3)
  7. Wean, ear tag and take tail biopsy from resulting offspring (week 8)
  8. Transfer tail biopsies and transgenic founders to the client (week 9)


Service Guaranties with Standard Injection

  1. A minimum of 300 eggs will be injected.
  2. A minimum of 30 offspring will be produced.