Blastocyst Injection

Blastocyst Injection

Service Price
Blastocyst injection into C57Bl/6J
Breeding of Chimeras
(two litters max.)
Pathogen testing
(out-side clones)


Service Request

  1. Fill out a service request form and send to
  2. Please send a copy of your IACUC approved protocol and your IBC (Institutional Biosafety Committee) registration information.


Service Description

  1. Expand 2 ES cell clones on MEF feeders
  2. Purchase egg donors and recipient females
  3. Mate Superovulated donors with stud males
  4. Mate pseudopregnant foster mothers with vasectomized males
  5. Harvest morula or blastocyst from superovulated donors
  6. Inject ES cells into blastocoels
  7. Ovarian or uterian transfer of successfully injected blastocysts
  8. Wean and ear tag of resulting offspring
  9. Transfer of chimeras to the client


Service Guaranties

2 independent ES cell clones per project will be injected into a minimum of 50 blastocysts each.