We provide one histological and two diagnostic stains for the researchers.

H&E (Hematoxilin and Eosin)

The standard histological stain is Hematoxilin and Eosin (H& E) The hemalum part of the stain dye the nuclei blue and the Eosin Y component stain eosinophilic structure in various shade of red, pink and orange. Researchers can derive abundant information from this stain. This type staining is often use for quick analysis of the tissue (See image 4).

               Text Box: Image 4. H &E Stain of Adult Zebrafish head.


PAS (Periodic Acid Schiff)

One of the diagnostic stain is call Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS). PAS is use to stain fungi. See image 5.

               Text Box: Image 5. PAS stain of fungus in infected zebrafiah.


Acid Fast Stain

The other diagnostic stain, Acid Fast, is used to stain Acid Fast mycobacterium. See Image 6

              Text Box: Image 6 . Acid Fast stain showing mycobacterium.