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Additional Services


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Custom AAV Production

Helper free production of custom, recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) that are suitable for research purposes. We focus on rAAV that are not yet commercially available, using a purification protocol that achieves high titer yields of AAV serotypes 2.1 and 8.

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Colony Management

Breeding colony management services covers day-to-day management and recordkeeping for your colony. Services include mating, separating, weaning, genotyping, transfers, euthanasia, and colony management coverage during holidays and lab personnel vacations.

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PCR Genotyping

In order to maintain heterozygous traits a tissue sample is obtained to confirm the genotype using PCR. At three weeks of age the animals are anesthetized and a tissue biopsy taken. High-molecular weight genomic DNA is extracted and genotyped using PCR.

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Rederivation, Cryopreservation, IVF

Due to microbial infections, it can be necessary to rederive an existing mouse strain. Cryopreservation of mouse germplasm is essential for anyone working with mouse mutant strains. It not only reduces the cost of animal care, saves space, and facilitates sharing of valuable lines, it also minimizes the risk of strain loss due to contamination, genetic drift or disease. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is performed to recover a mouse strain from frozen sperm. It can also be used to overcome breeding difficulties or rapidly expand an existing colony, since sperm from one male can potentially fertilize hundreds of zygotes.

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Image Acquisition

HGeM uses an Olympus epifluorescence microscope with motorized stage and Metamorph stitching software for high resolution, full-slice images. This service is suitable for brain-wide anatomical screens and cataloging gene expression patterns. In addition, the core provides a full range of supporting services including project consulting, image data cataloging, and storage.

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Cell Culture Consulting

We offer decades of expert experience culturing a range of cell types including cells used in monoclonal antibody production, gene targeting, and now AAV production.